PayAnywhere Services


For more than 10 years merchants have been given the luxury of free equipment placement to save them thousands of dollars in hardware costs. This PayAnywhere technology was cutting edge when it debuted and it continues to advance today, giving merchants versatile options while running their businesses.

This concept has gone one step further with the introduction of the Free Tablet Placement solution that brings mobility and easy access to your business.

No more worrying about your cloud-based solutions slowing down your business! No more expensive equipment costs or complicated pricing models. The PayAnywhere model is your business solution. The service provides a 10″ tablet (includes stand with built in card reader) with the Enterprise App to start your payments revolution.

These tablets provide a quick and stress-free transaction for you and your customers, increasing the efficiency of your business and saving you money. Customization and a multiple-user interface are just a few of the features this product provides. To view the full list of features and specifications, click here.

Edge Merchant Processing can help you get started with your PayAnywhere service. Contact us today for more information.